EPISODE 34 – DINNER WITH THE KING – Jerry Lawler and Glenn Moore

Jerry Lawler comments on how WWE views Impact Wrestling. Do they view them as competition or are they even a thought in their mind?

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  1. TNA was great until Hogan… I don't blame Hogan completely, but a lot of the decisions made at that point just brought the brand down and it got worse and worse every week until TNA stopped being relevant even to wrestling fans.

  2. I wouldn't give TNA/Impact Wrestling/Global Force Wrestling two thoughts or even one. They can't even decide what to call themselves, best to call them WTF, Wrestling That's Fucked. It's a shame because TNA was great and I hope they can make it Great Again. It's a shame because the talent is good and even great, but those in charge have no clue what they're doing.

  3. They probably view TNA as they view every other promotion: as an unofficial developmental territory. Really, every other federation in the world is WWE's development territory, because WWE can take any significant star from any fed if they want to. It's laughable to think of anyone as legitimate competition because of this. TNA spent years putting in the time to make indy guys like AJ and Samoa Joe in to seasoned pros that have made a name on television, and now they're all in the WWE. Every other promotion is just a feeder territory for the WWE, whether they know it or not.

  4. WWE releases wrestlers, the go to Impact or Indies to get better & then they sign them back lol…. pretty soon Gunner, Magnus, Storm, EC3 & Lashley will be back in the WWE!!!

  5. I like how a few years ago HHH was quoted saying "TNA has nobody we need" now theyve signed most of their homegrown talent – AJ, Joe, Roode, Young, Storm went to NXT & will make a great surprise Rumble entrant, TJP, & Mark Andrews hell even Spud is said to be on their radar now so HHH is full of crap bit like Meltzer 😂

  6. 1. Numerous shoot interviews attest that someone in WWE watches Impact each week
    2. Cm Punk mentioned in his shoot interview that WWE were worried he was going to go to TNA when he quit WWE
    3. WWE has a noticable policy about not mentioning the company even when it would actually make sense to do so and to help put over stars like Styles, Roode, etc.
    4. Triple H, who claimed "they have no one we want" (as a way to work fans into thinking TNA had no stars) Signed Roode, Young, Aries and Styles as well as James Storm and unlike others did not make them have a gimmick/name change. if Impact wasn't even a "blip" they would have rebranded them in order to get name copyrights etc, but they knew they were already big stars.
    5. Triple H actually mentioned he watched Eric Young in Impact and followed how he turned heel, not believing he could make it work.

    That's just 5, just in case any one actually believes this nonsense, be aware that WWE's policy for ytears has been to "work" fans into believing they don't care about TNA/IMPACT as a way to undermine them and so WWE fans think that TNA isn't worth watching.

  7. The point is that WWE was, is, and always be the premier brand in wrestling entertainment! No wrestling company will ever work harder than the McMahons! They have Brock, they have NXT, they have the Network even if Raw and Smackdown TV wise haven't been that great to watch in the last several years there is so many options for WWE to make money! Impact has always been In the wilderness their future always in doubt different owners so much instability even ROH is more stable than they are they have Cody Rhodes, the Young Bucks, and the Bullet Club!


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