The Phenomenal One challenges The Modern Day Maharaja for the WWE Championship, with a Champion vs. Champion showdown against Universal Champion Brock Lesnar awaiting the winner.
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  1. As well as being a WWE fan I've been an Impact Wrestling fan for over 15 years. I feared Vince would bury him because he was the TNA poster boy for so long, so glad they didn't! No one but the phenomenal one

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  3. i just love how everyone stood quiet right before AJ attempted the Phenomenal Forearm.. Like they REALLY where holding their breath just hoping that AJ won..great job AJ!!

  4. they should've never unhindered the Jinder. He rarely defended the title, his sudden rise after years of being a jobber was/is not convincing, when he does "successfully" defends the belt it's usually through the help of his minions, his in-ring performance is mediocre, and has a boring personality that doesn't connect with any audience (american or indian). By connect I mean the average fan isn't interested enough to spend time to watch him wrestle without fastforwarding or skipping his segments…. Everybody already knows why the wwe placed the belt around him… it's because he was the only Indian person on the roster (at the time) & vince wanted to tap into the large indian market $$$ … Which obviously hasn't worked out… if they really wanted to tap into the indian market they should've had several indian wrestlers instead of just one, let the wrestlers develop overtime (not overnight) through meaningful feuds especially when the person they're trying to push has been a jobber for years, and can prove they can garner enough fan's interest in their matches at the lower level. If the average fan isn't interested in watching someone wrestle for a lower title (ex. U.S title, IC title, cruiserweight title, tag team title) why would they be interested in watching them wrestle for the more prestigious WWE title….


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