John Cena and Nikki Bella Angagement Latest News WWE Wrestling Mania 2017
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Recently drew in WWE star John Cena held up eighteen months after his first proposition to Nikki Bella to do it again before fans.

Nikki didn’t recall the primary proposition – as it was seconds before she went under sedative for surgery.

The wrestler – who proposed before fans on Sunday, disclosed to Monday’s Today that she was getting wheeled into the working room when he initially requesting that she wed him.

‘When they put her under I made a point to be the last one to wheel her to the OP and the comfortable snapshot of no arrival I halted the specialists and inclined down and I inquired as to whether you could hear me.

‘She stated: “Yes”, and I stated, “I have one question for you.” She stated, “what?” and I stated, “You know one day will wed you.’

Nikki conceded that she didn’t recollect the minute and had been approaching the hunk for eighteen months what he had discussed right then and there.



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