While John Cena and Roman Reigns have a war of words, Dean Ambrose suffers an attack from The Authority.



  1. hay baby this tammy get out of the hurricanes way because i s in the south end of florida all i want to now are you ok are you all right because i am warred about you i love you roman reigns very much it is in catery 5 hurricane just be careful and the hurricane name is erma i am double warred about you and i wil keep on praying for you and i will put my hands on you and pray for your safty and roman reigns my thoughts and prayers is with you father in heaven i do pray for roman reigns to keep roman reigns safe and out of the hurricanes way.and i do pray for your pectshion over roman reigns and lord jesus christ i do ask in your name to keep your loveing arms around roman reigns as the hurricane passses throw florida and keep your hedge over roman reigns and keep roman reigns safe a-man that is my prayer for you roman reigns and you can come and visit me any time you want day or night and good luck on monday night sand i will be watching you and you will win the fight

  2. hay baby this tammy how are you holding up in florida did you get hit by the hurricane because the second one is comming closer to florida and iwant you to be safe in florida because i do warry about you roman reigns and let me now how you are holding up and how you are doing i am so in love with you roman reigns i can not wait to see you because i want to put my arms around you and tell you that i love you and tell you that i miss you and i want to see you your heart is mine and my heart is yours when you look at me i see love in your eyes and that makes me even closer to you even more even now and even so may to hearts be johned together what they may not be taking apart because we belong together

  3. hay roman reigns when i see you and when i look into your eyes i see love because there is pure love in you that go on for ever and baby i love you when you smile i smile with you because you are my love for life and you are cite and handsome and good looking.and very pretty eye.and i do love you so much and i do belive in you because you are tough and you are strong and wise you have my heart and i have your heart we belong together is 4 ever roman reigns you make me so happy when i go to bed i even dream about you and when i awake up from my dream i have a smile on my face


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