The Cenation Leader collides with The Monster Among Men for the first time ever.


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    woe my, and cena at this conjecture 'in time' in this existence, is clearly not even in his prime.
    whereas, you are, braun.

    so, that makes you all the more impressive, braun.
    you clearly couldn't even defeat a much smaller man then yourself''fair and square, one on one, without deploying a deadly weapon against him .

    and your clearly in your prime in pro wrestling.

    whereas he, jon cena, is clearly not presently.
    date november 2017.
    earth time on this planet, in this existence- presently.
    man does that ever make you an impressive wrestler, braun.
    thats wondrous.braun.

    did ya tell your mommy , yet about this, braun.

    did ya call her on the phone to tell her how wondrous you are regarding this matter addressed.

    excellent braun.

    excellent on your part.
    your wondrous.
    regarding this video on youtube here.
    woe my.
    can't you show the present active legends of wrestling a little bit more respect then that, boy?
    you disrespectful imbecile.

    their is no good reason for how you dished cena.

    in this match.

    and 'technically, on a certain level, you did the same thing to big show.
    a man who clearly, though long past his prime' gave you all you could handle, in his recent matches against you too.

    ya imbecile.

    show the present active legends of wrestling a little bit more respect then that, braun.

    you pathetic so called tough guy, you.

    you wonderful big fat brute.

    you sweetie you.
    if ya could, i'd appreciate it.

    thank you braun.
    you big brute you.

    thats all for now, boy.
    in connection to this.
    ta ta.

  2. well, braun, after this match , did you go home and call your mother? did ya? to tell her how much of a coward ya are? ya know buddy? ya know? after ya pathetically picked up some solid steel stairs to bash jon cena in the forehead. regarding a wrestler who weighs approximately 150 pounds less then you do?
    and is nearly 8 inches shorter. in height.
    right. your tough ya weirdo.
    ya coward. ya know?
    people say braun is the tough guy in wwe right now? right. sure.
    braun is the tough guy in wrestling today, eh? come on? he couldn't even manage to fairly, and i mean, ''fairly'' one on one- in a straight wrestling match, defeat a man 150 pounds smaller then himself.
    cena was clearly gonna win. and braun became frightened, and went to get a deadly weapon to defeat a man 150 pounds lighter then himself.
    to braun strowman, ooo you brute….. ooo yes… your pathetic.
    bite me, braun.
    signed the true essence of c5q79 of the quatrains of nostradamus.
    in connection to this.
    your tough, braun. o yes. woe my.


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