Slat Rock Wrestling Presents – John Cena Vs Jinder Mahal WWE SDLive Dark Match 25 July 2017

Jinder Mahal vs John Cena – WWE Richmond, VA July 25, 2017 *Off Air/Dark Match* FULL MATCH

John Cena Vs Jinder Mahal WWE

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  1. Jinder is a generic 1970-1980's style wrestler with a cool entrance. His moves are punch 20times, 5 chops, 1 kick, knee drops while holding ropes for balance, few elbows, eye gouge, choking against tbe ropes & a full nelson slam (which he didnt do). He should atleast do a closeline, slam, suplex, side $uplex, belly to back suplex, neck breaker. Those r standard moves any wrestler knows.
    He's too boring otherwise. He just stands after a chop, lets Cena sell it for 30sec, then chops again, & stand for another minute holding his fist up for crowd to boo.
    Boring no moves with impact like cruiserweights.


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