Wisdom Productions is consisting of Experienced Video Producers. We have experience of Producing Programs, Documentaries, Reports and Appeals for National, International TV channels and Charity Organizations.
Feel free to contact us for any kind of Video Coverage, Photography, Post Production and Voice Over.
[email protected]
0092 321 4060426
MugalPura Lahore Pakistan



  1. Are yaro…. Aaplog jo bol raheho O aap logo ko hi nahi pata kaay bolrahe ho.

    Aap logoke batose pata chaltahe ki aap log kitna jaltehe ham logose…….
    Tum log nahi kadhi humse aage the na aage jaOge……

  2. great work out for stamina, power and is all natural. I did this in my room, when 3:00 I use a 25lb dumbbell to mimmick the hoe work he was doing in the field.
    I did 28 minutes, its my first day of kushti after a few weeks of doing anaerobic workouts, to keep doing something different.


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