This week we attempt to answer the age-old question: Is pro wrestling real or fake? Watch the master become the student as Brian finds out the trade secrets behind this pre-determined “sport” from a wrestling school graduate. Learn vicariously through him while he gets schooled in how to fall, how to hit, and how to minimize the pain. Oh, and if you wanna try any of these moves yourself PLEASE get help from a legitimate pro. Be smart and be safe – don’t try this at home!

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  1. how can he stand in that ring and say that "wrestling Is not real" I train 3 times a week in a ring and let me tell you now it is painful and is a nasty environment sometime but that doesn't mean its fake it hurts but it is about the matches. look at any ring of honor or new japan match and the moves if they where perform on both of these they would not get up they would just lie there and cry so don't try and say wrestling is fake. sure over the years wwe has been scripted and that put a lot of pressure on companies because for some reason people think fake and scripted and the same. just a heads up there not. sure sometimes companies will put on scripted moments but that has brought out some of the best matches in the world of sports. I think also this trainer seems to be very unqualified because he is in a (crappy) boxing ring. again differences. BOXING AND WRESTLING ARE NOT THE SAME. ask any real wrestler with experience and the will say the same wrestling is not [email protected]~#ing FAKE SO STOP PUTTING THAT IMPRESSION ON ROOKIES WITH A DREAM TO ONE DAY MAKE IT SOME WHERE

  2. That guy "training" you is a fucking mark and a joke. So is that shitty ring. Seriously videos like this piss on the business. That guy can't fucking work a match. He shouldn't even be taking part in this video. He's disrespecting the business and making a mockery of it.


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