Bar Wrestling in Los Angeles got a special Christmas surprise tonight after Macaulay Culkin interfered in a match using Home Alone-style tactics — and the video is AWESOME!



  1. Pretty sad when the business is full of indy darlings who piss on the graves of kayfabe and psychology for "magic" moments like this. It used to be easy to suspend disbelief but this shit here is a joke. There are only a few out there who still want to make it look like a contest and not a party inside a wrestling ring and those are called WORKERS. The rest belong where the seats are

  2. You all do realize that this is just wrestling right?? And…for once this man is happy and is having fun. Oh shame on him for this right?? Boy you people make me so sick. Hell if you are that miserable and a fan of wrestling then get off your ass go train and join a wrestling promotion. 😂😂😂😂We as Americans are just some sad individuals. Smh!!

  3. His inner 8 year old self was in heaven!
    On another note, while he probably could use about 10 more pounds on him, He looks SOOOOO much better than he did a few years ago. Here's hoping 2018 is a good year for him!


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