A major WWE Superstar is set to return for Survivor Series, Two SmackDown Live stars sent home on disciplinary measures & a brand new gimmick could already be cancelled!

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  1. wouldnt it be fun if owens&zayn win the tag belts right before survivor series … then fight the raw champs and win while team smackdown loses … so they can go to shane afterwards and say "see? We won our match, representing sdlive und what did you do? YOU LOST!"
    I think that would spice things up in the owen&zayn vs shane feud.

  2. Wait, so… what would be the point of Sami and KO being beat up by the New Day? Other than making Sami and KO look bad(well, worse than Sami losing cleanly to Kofi could make him look).

    Are they trying to ruin Sami and KO? Honestly… I don't blame them for not taking the beating… I wouldn't either cause it does neither of them any good… They are just suppose to put the New Day over? Sami should be well past his "lay down and "earn your dues" days", and KO is literally a main event talent. I swear, the WWE wouldn't know how to book if they read "How to book Wrestling for Dummies".

  3. Hey I know why Adam got fired, and tbh it isn’t that bad….he was just being a guy. He didn’t force those women, he harass them. They were willing. Just had to say that.


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