The Great Khali doesn’t need an introduction.Watch the vivacious Misha bajwa(advisor ETV) having conversation with the world champion on 13th feb 2015.The episode went on air on episode of YOUNG ANDAAZ of etv up,etv mp,etv bihar,etv uttarakhand on 21st feb 2015.Enjoy and appreciate the humility of really Big Guy.Mr.Khali has opened up his wrestling academy in Jalandhar ,India CWE for aspiring wrestlers who want to pursue wrestling as career and want to make it big like Mr.Khali.Etv and its team wishes all the very best to him in his honest endeavor and lend its full support to THE GREAT WRESTLER who has made INDIA proud.



  1. My friends son was a student at Khali's school but he told me that Khali is making false promises to the students and both of his trainers were treated real bad and were sleeping without electricity, only two small meals a day and slept on the floor.


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