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Hey gang, in this MongoDB tutorial for beginners, I’ll introduce you to what MongoDB is, and how we can use it to store and persist data in our web applications.

MongoDB is a NoSQL database, making it perfect for working with Node.js applications and JavaScript.

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  1. After completing this series, I can confirm that this is the best MongoDB tutorial series in the whole universe. Thank you TheNetNinja-sama, I'll forever be grateful to you.

  2. Thanks you for brilliant tutorials! If it's will be possible please create tutorials about SQL databace (MySQL or postgreSQL). Keep going and good luck!!!

  3. I sincerely thank you for the effort you put in these videos. I am currently doing a project for my English teacher that requires a database and your videos are a huge help!

    Keep it up! 🙂

  4. After a recent apocalypse on MongoDb servers, does your playlist also include ways to make a secure database (if not, can you make a video on that too). I was using MongoDb for the first time in my current project, but this thing made confused.

    Always been your fan. Thanks for all the videos.


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