Yo ninjas, in this MongoDB tutorial for beginners, I’ll show you how to install MongoDB locally to your computer (Windows). However, installing on OS X or Linux is also very easy (links provided):

Once we’ve installed MongoDB, we’ll also install Mongoose using npm.

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  1. HELP!!!

    My Atom isn't interacting with the mongo DB executable file mongod… it also doest recognize git as anything and just throws errors… I was thinking maybe there's something on Atom I need to activate in order to work with mongo and git… I really like Atom and would like to continue working on it on my journey of learning… Thanks a million Master Shaun for all the great content you have I can't wait to dive into learning Mongo DB.

  2. well, I am on a 32bit windows 7, and the site only let's me download mongodb for 64bit, did they stop supporting 32bit computers???, in this case what should i do?? do i need a new computer ??


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