Yo gang, in this mongodb tutorial, I’ll introduce you to a tool called Robomongo (link below). Robomongo is a free tool which can give us a visual representation of our data in Mongodb.

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  1. Hello, fantastic tutorials, you are educating someone from Tanzania, east Africa!I have subscribed to your channel, plz could you make anything on Ionic 3?By the way what is the text editor theme your are using I like it!

  2. Wait, so creating a test to save a record to a db is actually doing it? I thought tests were supposed to just check it works then thats its. Now I know.

  3. So, my robomongo still doesn't show the testaroo db. And I get no error when I run the mocha test. Checked out dependencies and they are all fine. I have no idea why it is not showing up on robomongo. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  4. hey, I really like your videos, just make the sound better I mean the ampliphication need to improved
    the volume isn't enough .. THANKS

  5. If we were able to save all 4 records, then why did we go through adjusting the code in connection.js ? I understand the purpose of before(), but it seems like it wasn't needed.


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