Top 10 all scariest moments from wrestlers in the WWE

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Horror and pro-wrestling have gone hand-in-hand for many decades. The scares provided by promotions like WCW, ROH, and WWE include both real-life injury scares and moments that belong in actual horror movies. The scariest wrestling moments often involve gruesome injuries, storylines that look too real to be true, and characters that have embraced the dark side.

While past WWE characters like Papa Shango, The Boogeyman, Gangrel, Kevin Thorn and Kane were created as scary personas, the following ten scares come more naturally and can provide true chills for anyone over the age of five. Watch as wrestlers bleed, terrify audiences, and go down in WWE history as some of the scariest moments ever. These moments include wrestling legends like Macho Man Randy Savage, The Rock, The Undertaker, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts among others. See how many of these moments you remember and if they scared you while watching them live.

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  1. I don’t know how Rock could beat the crap out o Mankind without thinking that he could be killing a man. It’s kind of sad. At least Mick Foley was ok. That would hurt, to know that the dude I’m beating up has children and a wife crying because I’m beating him to death with a steel chair


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