Every year (for the past few years) Mattel give us a Chase accessory for the basics.
2016 – A gold WWE belt
2017 – The Slammy award
2018 – ???

We’ll an image has surfaced which seems to show some of the new basics with an accessory.
Could this be the 2018 chase accessory???



  1. I think it’s great! But it sucks that the Briefcase is the one that was used in I.R.S. Or the HOF Million Dollar Man. But what I really hope is that, the MITB Briefcase for the women figures, is the women’s MITB Briefcase! Imagine that!

  2. Wrestling Daze great video👍. They can do brand tops like smackdown tops and raw tops or maybe give chairs with smackdown logo and raw logo in the 2018. Wrestling Daze are you aware of when elite 55 will hit the stores in UK ??


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