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  1. Nikki…If you see this comment I want you to know that you are my idol. I'm not like the other fans, because you help me stay healthy with all your work out videos and healthy eating video. And you simply just help me live a happy life style with you and Brie just living life to the fullest. Thank you. Bye😁😁

  2. So you got yelled at for your booty shorts? Were those shorter than what you've usually worn before, because otherwise that doesn't make sense. Because didn't you for the most part of 2015 when you wrestled before leaving from your neck injury. Didn't you have those black shorts that were pretty short and the red ones too? Two different black shorts actually. I mean if that was a problem, then I would've thought they'd have a problem then and you not wear them then. Unless the ones you were wearing briefly were short, because otherwise that's BS, because you wore such shorts most of the time in 2015 when you wrestled I think when you were a heel.

  3. Nikki and Brie, I love you both so much! You two have helped me to want to be healthy and to achieve my goals! And you're the reason why I started watching the WWE. You ladies rock! Love you both!

  4. How would smaller gear make you look thinner? Generally, wearing gear that is too small causes bulges over the sides. Unless you mean fitted is more flattering, which of course it is. There is a happy medium between those booty shorts and jorts though.


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