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Yo ninjas, welcome to your very first Node JS tutorial for beginners. In this Node JS tutorial I’ll introduce to what exactly Node is all about, why we’d use it and the technologies you’ll need to be familiar with to get started.

In a nutshell, Node JS lets us run JavaScript on a computer / server, so with it we can create dynamic web applications in JavaScript from start to finish, without the need to learn another language.

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  1. A little question~Why in my files list of atom, all kinds of files(html, js, json, etc. ) have the same thumbnail picture? Seemed is not about UI interface, could you tell me where to change this?

  2. I just discovered you channel and to say the very least, it's freaking amazing! I'm a college student and I just feel like I have stumbled upon a gem! 😀 I wish I had the capability to donate to your channel because for everyone's sake, you've just got to continue making these awesome tutorials. God bless you!

  3. Hey net ninja thanks for ur videos I owe u.. I have an issue… anytime I try to access a html file in the folder it doesn't work even when I use can't find the file in the folder.. and the folder is in the same directory where the node was installed..pls need this thanks

  4. I hope i am at the right place after couple of clicks. I found your first tutorial informative. I hope this series will be very helpful for me to know the Node JS.

  5. you seriously have the best, no bs, quick and straight to the point tutorials. Thanks for this node series. I would not have gotten through bootcamp without it.

  6. Some men are born great, others(i call them legends) create youtube videos and share knowledge to make the whole world great!!!

    May you become the next newboston , you make the human race proud!!

  7. I really thank you for this great tutorial i learned new concepts about nodejs and your explanation is very clear so thank you again 🙂

  8. Hey! Great tutorial!
    I was wondering if you always need to end a function with a semicolon when declaring it in a var like you did in line 6. It just seemed odd for me.
    Keep it up!

  9. Hi, Thanks for the tutorial! Just a small thing though.

    I've completed implementing of mongo (had to add some more stuff because of deprecation like useMongoclient and bluebird promise) but now the reloading of the page suddenly doesn't work.

    The data is stored and deleted from the database as it should be but I have to manually reload the page. Am i missing something?

    Thanks a lot!

  10. I really like the way you explain. you are a great teacher and of course all you tutorials are the best on youtube pls keep up the good work

  11. thank you net ninja (dont really know your name)..
    thank you for EVERYTHING…
    wished there was a way i could reach you – via email or something perhaps

  12. Wowww wonderful tutorial I have ever seen., No one is exist to compare with your teaching of node js tutorial., I have seen nearly 30 video in this series., but I have one doubt., could you please tell me how to combine angular and node ?

  13. Ninja, I learned ur Node JS Tutorial,it's remarkable! It is the best video series I HAVE watched about nodejs.woule u post a React.js Tutoria?

  14. 5 seconds into the video, and I'm laughing my ass off! "Welcome to the best nodejs tutorial on the planet", lol, dude you know how to keep things working 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  15. Hey I really like you tutorial . Thumbs Up! I also wanted to know from wher i can get complete code for the todo app project? Only part of the code is on github !

  16. thanks for tutorials they are awesome . Can you upload some of the live projects that are done in companies? So that all of us can have fair idea on the coding part

  17. i am a beginner at server side and i want to be mean stack
    ? should i learn php first as a enterance to backend or learn node js first

  18. When my boss instructed me to shift from PHP to Node, I was really worried about that where i can find a clear resource to get clear picture about how Node works and all its stuff in the very short time… Thank God! Finally Met My Guru … If possible please upload a video, which covers "How to develop a web-application from scratch [HTML-CSS-NodeJs]"

  19. thanx for the videos. i been learning front end development last few month but i am a bit discouragedd. because few friends told me; dont learn coding websites because soon everyone can do it without coding at all. they wont be coding web jobs .. wix. wordpress… what s ur opinion ?


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