Yo ninjas, in this Node JS tutorial we’ll go ahead and create our first server using node, and set it up to listen to port 3000 on our computer. Then we can start making requests to it, and dealing with those requests in the code.

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  1. man my english poor but i cant understand u by translate .. i dont under stand what "200" back to ?? res.writeHead(200,{'Content-Type':'text/plain'});

  2. hey Shaun, I don't know why my server is not getting created..whenever I enter the page displays "This site can't be reached"..I have written the same code as you have done..


  3. In case if i have apache running on my box what should i have to do shut down apache is not possible. Does it conflict ? Let say i created a virtual Host node.local and i want to listen to port 80

  4. Thank you very much for putting efforts to create such a great tutorial. It's really really helpful and easy as pie to understand.

  5. How do you know that the callback of createServer takes the parameters (req, res)? I've looked through the documentation, but to no avail.

  6. ,Thanks for the guide, it is great
    ?Why does the console have only the relative url and not the full url
    ?Also it also prints me /favicon.ico Why is this happening

  7. Man! , these tutorials are really helpful.
    They don't just introduce you to a new topic, they actually experiment different things and then you learn better .
    I really appreciate your effort 🙂
    Thank you.

  8. There is an additional request favicon.ico being made by the browser for the same code as yours, can you tell me about it???

  9. Thank YOU, dude. Every single tutorial would completely jump over mentioning the headers or what they do and I end up like why do I have to set this anyway I don't get it…

  10. Great tutorials! Nicely paced, and I like the way that you teach a specific skill in each video. It's easier to remember and makes one feel they are progressing.

  11. little note for those who try to run their node server on their computer: 1) do not close command prompt when trying to show 'Hey, ninjas' in browser, that will stop the server 2) make sure that port you are using is free(it can be used by programs like skype or other local servers like Denwer)… those are problems I had, but the whole thing was still much fun))))))) whoa-pahh!!!

  12. hii broo the video is really good I have a problem when I am retyping the same code in my lapy and execute it ………….. the page is being downloaded instead of redirecting it to my chrome what do u think the problem is please help me with this issue


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