Yo gang, in this Node JS tutorial I’ll show you how we can send (or serve) a html page to the end user / client using a stream.

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  1. Hi there, your tutorial is very helpful. Thumb up for that!
    I just want to ask how can I load external css and image folder to the index.html and display those files on localhost? I tried to do that but localhost does not display images and external css files

  2. There are many great tutorials online, but these are the best of them all!

    Truly, others have helped me develop some familiarity and ability,
    but Net Ninja tutorials are the best where it really counts: developing a
    well-rounded, comprehensive, and highly useful understanding of the topic.

    Can't thank you enough NN!

  3. For folks running the same tutorial with Firfox as their browser, use "font-family: sans-serif;" instead of "font-family: Verdana;" as for some unknown reason Firefox doesn't support Verdana and your font will show with serifs, unlike the font in the video.

  4. In the HTML file you have <!DOCTYPE html>, but you still have to specify in writeHead that Content-Type is text/html. Is this redundant; serving different purposes?


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