Yo ninjas, in this node js tutorial, I’ll be showing you how we can download and install node js as well as how to run a file through node on your computer locally.

To run a file through node js, simple navigate to the directory of your file in the command line, then type ‘node filename’ .

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  1. After insatalling the platformio-ide-terminal, i tried opening the terminal . The terminal opens with error window- Microsoft visual c++ Runtime library —it says some JIT must be enabled.
    Did anyone got the same error…did you solve it?

  2. If you dont see a + sign on the left bottom corner, look for a red icon on the right bottom, click it and it will tell you about a ""incompatible native modules". Run the rebuild and you should be good!

  3. it would be much clearer if this video also demonstrates how to actually install nodejs to desktop and not by just saying.

  4. Able to get the version command to work on Atom (using a mac) but if I try to do another command (dir, cd, cd…) I get
    "bash: dir: command not found"
    Any idea why it may not be recognizing the prompt?

  5. Certainly this is the best node js tutorial on youtube. All the videos in the playlist are excellent. The tutorials are simple, interesting, focus on the driving the points home effectively. The to-do application demo is also outstanding. Thank you for making such a wonderful and comprehensive tutorial. Anyone who has visited the video, kindly watch all the videos in the playlist:

  6. Hi man, I like your tutorials, they are very useful!!!

    I use Sublime Text 3, and I have a problem to connect nodeJS with editor, and also have a problem with command line.
    Do you have any suggestions about that? Some solution that wolud solve the problem?


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