Yo gang, in this Node JS tutorial, I’ll intro you to the Node Package Manager (or npm for short). The npm allows us to easily install Node packages into our application to increase it’s functionality.

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  1. can you run css and javascript files in this way? supposing your loaded html requires a css and js file – how would these load?

  2. i am trying to uninstall the express and it gives me this message — > no such file or directory, open 'F:javanode jspackage.json .. help!!

  3. Hey, i have a problem, for me it's create also Package-lock.json file and when i do command for uninstalling package it's uninstall only 2 packages, but previoulsy installed 42 packages. Soo I don't have only .bin folder like in this video after uninstalling express. Please, can anyone explain me that?

    Ok, after a few trys, I've founded out why this happen to me.
    First: package-lock.jaon is a file which is created automaticaly in newer version od node.js
    Second: If u have the same problem try to first "npm init", which is explained in next one video, and then try to install and uninstall express. For me it's installed 42 packages and uninstall 43, soo only .bin folder left in node_modules.

  4. hi, what´s the difference between option a) and b)?:
    a) npm install express -save
    b) npm install express –save

    thanks in advanced.


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