Yo gang, in this Node JS tutorial for beginners, I’ll show you how we can install a Node package called Nodemon. Nodemon is a great dev package that keeps track of code changes in our application, and restarts the server for us when it detects them (so we don’t have to). Great time saver.

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  1. I am running nodemon on Win 10 and I can't figure out how to kill it temporarily. Ctrl + C does not work and my terminal crashes when I try other things. Do you know how to safely kill nodemon?

  2. Thank you so much for educating people on nodejs in such a precise manner.
    I'm a beginner, and I discovered something cool along these lines that I'd like to point out.
    I've started with NetBeans for nodejs development and it has a chrome connector, that takes care of this for you, reflecting changes real time. Just an alternative.

  3. helpful tutorial
    but I have an error called "[nodemon] app crashed – waiting for file changes before starting…"
    I need help

  4. Like the videos a lot so far ! Unsure if needed to install packages globally. An explanation would be nice for pros & cons to doing it. Thanks !

  5. if nodemon gives the 'ENOENT' error when starting the app, and no online solution works for you, try other automation packages. 'Forever' works for me. Great tutorial as usual Ninjaman!


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