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  1. if(req.url === home), else if(req.url === contact)else{ do 404}
    and with express, how can we check "do 404" sir?
    because just use app.get('/home') so i confused how to check the rest of other conditions

  2. Thank you for great videos! Could you explain in brief what is a difference between routing through
    router.get('/', function(req, res, next)
    app.use('/users', users) ?

  3. hi Ninja! Awesome lectures! Could you please tell me how do we write a fetched data (from a website) onto a local file? or may be HDFS?

  4. What if I wanted to use multiple parameters in Get method such as we do profile/id=1&name=something, how can we do that in node, passing multiple parameters in url string?

  5. Thank you.. these tutorials are really amazing.. loved them.. got a high level idea of what is node js and how it works.. really helpful for beginners..

  6. Thanks for the videos dude!! I'm a bit confused with respect to the colon ':' which appears before id and name i.e: '/profile/:id' and 'profile/:name'. Why is there a colon used here? Thanks in advance! šŸ™‚
    Keep up the goodwork:)


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