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  1. if anyone have error:- failed to look up , just change to res.render('contact.ejs'). just add filename with extension .ejs in render command parameters .

  2. You are so awesome!! I always like your video first and then watch it. How many of y'all do that too? – Thanks A Lot!!!
    Count me in for your Ninja gang! 😀

  3. At times res.sendFile() downloaded the webpage in my case due to the fact that the file didn't have an extension, so it was also necessary to add the content type in the response like so:
    res.send(__dirname + 'index.php',{headers: {'Content-Type':'text/html'}}');

  4. tutorial has been great so far. i got an error on this one saying res.sendFile was not a function. wonder what that is all about
    weird everything else has worked……ahhhh….im using cloud 9…..they have a premade node.js workspace with either an old version of express or a paired down version….remade my workspace with latest version of express and we are back on track

    digging the accent dude

  5. Awesomest tutorials! Thanks! Question: How is writing just 'profile' in res.render() working for you when we have to specify relative path? Mine showed Reference Error: profile not found..unless I provided the relative path as res.render(__dirname + '/views/profile)

  6. I love this tutorial it is great 🙂 . I would need some help. Do res.send(..) and res.sendFile(..) do the same as earlier in this tutorial the readStream.pipe(res) did? Does res.sendFile() also work as a stream? (sending data in chunks etc)

  7. hello
    you are using a lot of packages
    what about pure node js ?
    if i complete this course like this , i won't able to build pure node app

  8. Hello
    you are using a lot of packages
    what about pure node js ?
    if i complete this course like this , i won't able to build pure node app

  9. Nice tutorial. One thing that doesn't work for me is if I have an image referenced in my html it is never found by the browser. It is found if I load it directly but not through sendFile or render.

  10. This course is very well structured! I tried some learning from some famous websites which charge fees for courses like these, but this is so much better than it. Best things in the world are free! You're doing a great job educating the world. Cheers!


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