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  1. I never commented on an youtube video before but I really have to share this with you, I'm currently out of my own country trying my best to find a job in web development and at the meanwhile working on a project of my own where I need to use Node.js as a backend for a web/mobile app. I was feeling a bit down since no other tutorial online actually made me understand the core concepts and how to play with them in order to practice and become a better developer by being able to do trial and error. Until I found this, and words can't express how grateful I am for such brilliant way of communicating knowledge.

    Currently I'm still in no shape of being able to donate but believe me, I will as soon as I manage to get a hold of my new life. Anyway I just want to be able to give you more confidence for you to keep doing what you do best!
    Hope you can achieve whatever you so desire because you deserve it for putting yourself out there like this.

    Once again, thank you very much!

  2. Dear Shaun,
    Fantastic job in explaning this all so clear, you really have a gift for structuring and explaining complicated stuff and truly embedding it upon the knowledge built over the courses. Wanted to thank you very much for such a great job you're doing and if you have an etherwallet please post the address.

  3. you are a NINJA bro!!!! im loving your tutorials congrats!!!

    just a noob question, react also enables us to do the samething EJS does right? write javascript in html

  4. I don't get how you can just write <li> tags, causing them to magically output into the document on each loop. In JS or JQuery, I always have to use write(), getElementById("id").innerHTML =, $("#id").html(), etc.

    How come you can just put tags there, and is that just an EJS thing, or is it a JavaScript thing? It is just difficult to predict.

  5. How does one "read" this html?

    <% data.hobbies.foreach(function(item){ %>
    <li><%= item %></in>
    <% }); %>

    to me, I can understand the pre-parser saying,

    loop through "data.hobbies" invoking the follow function, where the "this" element will be "item"…

    However, in the middle of interpretting that pre-parser directive which is an open function(item) call, the directive closes; then there's another directive before a final pre-parser directive "closes" the function.

  6. You are an absolute legend my friend! Best nodejs Tutorial on this planet, eva! Thanks for taking the time out to do this, appreciate it a lot 🙂


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