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  1. I been saying the best way to bring Double J back now in WWE would be with Elias Samson. Have Elias for weeks mention a "Global" promoter heard him singing on Raw and has sign ed him to a deal. Then one night finally Elias bring out his agent. Then with the old double J theme paying out walks Jeff.

  2. Aaron serious question how exactly has Hogan paid the price for what he did? How exactly has he done his time? Your lack of sensitivity towards older white men using the n-word and admitting they are racist is astonishing

  3. WM will end with both cena and reigns as world champions my god the WWE is surely trolling on purpose at this point or do indeed legitmatly have contempt for their audience!!
    I have never known or seen anything like it with any other organisation or show the rumble will be hilarious in one way but another its disgusting the two biggest cock suckers in the back getting the lime light AGAIN.

  4. The definition of insanity “the state of being seriously mentally ill; madness.”

    I haaaaate when Aaron says “the definition of insanity is….” twice a week on nodq
    Probs almost as much as Jeff likes to put himself over

    That shill

  5. i don't think AJ is winining or Jinder is injured, wwe likely thought the Jinder segment would get hijacked by the U.K. crowd and this would be a strong match to keep that from happening.


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