Did you know that the earliest wrestling figures date back to the late 1960s!? From their origins in Japan with JWA Bullmark and Popy, to the more familiar AWA Remco and WWF LJN Wrestling Superstars line, there’s a history to be told about wrestling figures. Feat. Hulk Hogan’s rookie figure, the very first Andre the Giant, the first Ric Flair Figure, the first Ultimate Warrior action figure, and many more debuts!
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  1. That Terry Gordy fig was unrecognizable lol. When has he ever been that ripped? show off his beer gut!
    Most of those AWA figs look horrible. if you didnt tell me those were Scott Hall or Shaun Michaels figs I'd never be able to guess. looks like they found random heads in the wearhouse and said close enough.

  2. i was 11-12…had the big john studd stretch figure, i have an awesome george the animal steele trading card on my dresser to this day…then i started buying​ the mid-80s GI Joe line til i grew out if it year or two later. yes, i played with action figures til i was 14-15…i played sports also…really, played football, well…was on the team at least. i adjusted fine, just a bit later than most…uhhh – right?!?!😕

  3. I remember those Remco figures puking up all over gas stations and Revco pharmacies. They later hit dollar stores and you cold get them for like 2 for 1.00. With the WWF figures still popular at the time these were crude in comparison.

  4. I like the figures where they exaggerate or comic-book-ize the wrestlers, like Maximum Sweat Gangrel from the late 90s, or the newer ones like WWE Zombies Undertaker or Mutants Finn Balor. They look cool, at least some of them. Others look stupid but w/e.


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