Watch the fifth bout between Yogeshwar Dutt of Haryana Hammers and Bajrang Punia of JSW Bengaluru Yodhas in the seventh match of Pro-Wrestling League.



  1. योगेश्वर दत्त का शरीर और पर्सनलिटी बंगाल टाइगर की तरह लग रही है।
    पंडित विनोद शुक्ला, शीतला चौक, सीकर, राजस्थान

  2. Pro Wrestling is a great idea but they should do away with useless commentators who have no idea what is going on. They should take some tips from UFC commentating style like that of Joe Rogan's. They need specialists with colorful expressions who can breakdown the techniques and analyze the fight while the fight is going on. Say what mistake the wrestler is doing or what good style he/she is using etc. The commentator who is fully immersed in the bout and shouts in excitement when a good throw is made etc. will create excitement among the viewers too. This will help the viewer understand the techniques and make them look forward to seeing matches more critically and passionately.

  3. kitna boring hai yaar wrestling..!! movies me hume bewakuf banaya jaata hai wrestling ke baare me..! sultan movie me jo dikhaya hai wrestling.. uthake patakne waala … aur yeh referee tho har 10 second me seeti maar raha hai..


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