Training for Wrestling –

In the second Pro Wrestling Seminar, Vic Viper teaches the trainees some of the basic holds used in ring.

As a veteran of the Irish Wrestling scene Vic has had a decade of experience in multiple promotions across Ireland and Europe including Cork based wrestling promotion Celtic Championship Wrestling.

First episode of Pro Wrestling Seminar – “Building a Character” –
More Pro Wrestling Seminar coming soon.

Guest Trainer : Vic Viper
Interviews ; Stephen Purcell
Film/Edit : Darren Moloney
(C) Darren Moloney 2014

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  1. Just curious, is every wrestling school like this. For example, all the new people are put together to learn together and are the coaches as friendly as this? Also is this what every school do like run around for a mini circuit training for the warm up then learn about the collar and elbow tie up in the first session? Just wondering as I am interested myself

  2. I'm watching these videos so I can practice before and just get a little knowledge when I go to pro wrestling school, if I could give any other tips I would say be the guy that volunteers for everything first even though it seems scary it will keep you ahead of the game and you'll get more knowledge about wrestling. And just think positive good luck to everyone trying to make a living off pro wrestling I Hope to be a WWE Champion one day.

  3. The problem is the 'trust' u have to have in your counterpart. Ive been wrestling since i was 10! And the safest ive felt and the best matches ive had are with my brother. The thing with wrestling is one false move and you could break someones neck


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