Pro Wrestling This Week – November 03, 1986

Pro Wrestling This Week (8/11/86)

1) Magnum TA update
2) Bruiser Brody vs. Abdullah (Cotton Bowl- Cage) (WCCW)
3) WCCW Ring Report
4) Interview- Kevin Von Erich
5) Exotic Adrian Street vs. Rip Rogers (Continental)
6) Exectioners vs. Jim Fannigan & Apollo Martinez (NWF)
(Features commentary by Paul Heyman before his Paul Dangerously gimmick)
7) NWA Ring Report
8) PWTW Exclusive- Interview with Jim Cornette about upcoming
match at Starrcade ’86
9) JR the wild Hog vs. Farmer Boy (Polynesian Pro- Hawaii)
10) PWTW Exclusive- Interview with Candi Devine
11) Pro Wrestling Illustrated w/ Bill Apter- News/rankings
12) WWF Ring Report- Pedicino breaks the news of the Steamboat
throat injury 1 week before it airs on WWF TV
13) Wild Red Berry vs. Cyclone Anaya (B&W Mat Classic- 1953)
14) Makhan Singh vs. ?? (Stampede)
15) AWA Ring Report
16) Dump Matsumoto & Bull Nakano vs. Crush Girls (Japan)
17) Wrestler of the Week- Kevin Von Erich (w/ clips)



  1. This is awesome to see all the different territories featured on one show. Professional Wrestling was so much better back then. The more competition and variety the better. Vince McMahon killed the industry, SMH. 👎

  2. Multiple "major" national promotions…a thriving territorial circuit…two announcers who speak in an articulate, understated style free from hyperbolic rubbish…acknowledgement of wrestling's past with a classic match…male announcers referring to a female announcing colleague as a "lady", rather than "babe", and NOT making idiotic remarks about her anatomy…a male manager (Corny) cutting an awesome promo…actually, a male manager, PERIOD…and four women (Chigusa Nagayo, Lioness Asuka, Dump Matsumoto and Bull Nakano) putting on a decent match, instead of the straight-up GARBAGE we get from the "divas" in WWE…in other words, this show is NOT from anytime during the last 15 years.

  3. Wow Abby getting pinned after being punched three times by Fritz… This was an interesting time in pro wrestling. WCCW and AWA were nearing their ends. You could see the territories starting to get eating up by WWF

  4. Around this time, Saturdays were WWF Superstars at 10am, AWA at 11am, NWA World Wide Wrestling at 12n, Pacific Polynesian Wrestling at 1p, an hour to catch my breath at 2p, then WCW at 3p-5p- a nice varied diet of performers…

  5. For a short while, we had one of the best 3 hour blocks of wrestling that I can remember. Saturday nights at 10 it was UWF Power Pro, WCCW at 11, and this show at midnight! My first exposure to the Pacific Northwest, Continental, WWC, and so many more that I had only read about in the Apter mags! Thanks for posting these, brings back some great memories.


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