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  1. You are great in teaching .. And channel intro/outro is just awsm. Thanks for arranged playlist and such kind of valuable tutorial.

  2. I've never actually bothered to log on into youtube for anything but I decided to today because your videos have helped me tremendously!

  3. Hi. Just saw that you followed my twitter, interesting material up in here. I work in that field, so I'll check out your videos more regularly. The only thing I would recommend is that you get a better microphone and audio equipment (like a diffusor or something), as your voice has too much reverb / echo in my opinion. Would definitely make your videos even more professional. Kind regards anyway and keep on! Glad to have such a good content available for free!

  4. Great video ! Lessons are clear and easy to understand even
    with CSS you demystify it and make it easy to understand
    as well as the hamburger menu you are the first one that
    for me that made it easy to undrstand ! Great Job ! Cheers !

  5. Awesome playlist as always! Looking forward for more videos. You're really helpful, thank you! Keep it up, mate! Keep it up! 🙂


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