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Yo ninjas, in this final PSD to Responsive Website tutorial, I’ll be going through how we can make our images more responsive, using the HTML5 picture element. We’ll also need to use a JavaScript polyfill to add in the functionality to the browsers we use.

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  1. thank you for the clear, detailed explanation provided in every video. This is the best tutorial on psd to responsive web I have seen. You are The Net Ninja alright.

  2. One doubt.This covers only portrait view for tab and mobile.Should we need to modify anything in Css for landscape view? Btw , ur tuts are the logo of netninja

  3. You made me laugh at the end mate 😀 Good tutorials I am gonna use most of the tricks that I learned from you for a client I have. Wish me luck! I am not a pro designer but I would use some suggestions if you willing to give some like what are the musts for proffesional designs ect. Thanks! 🙂


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