Yo ninjas, in this PSD to WordPress tutorial, we’ll start coding up our HTML template, in particular, the header and the footer HTML.


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  1. Once doing this, would I still be able to customize the menu's using WordPress' Menu under the appearance section, or would I need to edit the HTML file?

  2. Please make more videos on the wordpress track, keep us updated and move to the intermediate and the advanced topics, you can get in details as how to build a custom standout website like the ones in awwwards and how to be develop a professional theme that theme forest accepts, thanks in advance, keep it up bro = )

  3. This is a fantastic series of videos for those interested in learning how to go from PSD to WordPress. I do have a question, though, about h1 tags and the logo. You wrapped the logo in an h1 tag for screen reader purposes, but that will eventually result in there being more than one h1 tag on many of the pages. For SEO purposes, that is an issue. How do you reconcile that? Or do you consider it a minor issue not worth worrying about?

  4. Nice start to the tutorial.

    If you're following the semantic web, should you not be using the `<address>` tag in the footer?


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