Ever wonder why wrestlers sweat so much?

World champ freestyle wrestler Jordan explains why and tells us more about the rules of wrestling. Plus, Jordan shows us his signature move that keeps him winning matches… his powerful Double Leg Takedown.

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  1. Just started wrestling this year in 8th grade. It's a tough sport and takes a lot of effort and confidence, you win, but you also lose. And you only have yourself to blame because it's a one man sport. The hardest part for me is to come back after a loss, but with the help of my coach and my peers, hopefully someday I can become a great wrestler like Jordan Burroughs, wish me luck everyone!

  2. Middle school and high school do folkstyle. Similar rules, but a takedown's 2 points, escape is 1, near fall is 2 for 2 seconds and 3 for 5 seconds, and there's penalty points.

  3. Jordan,
    I love how you wrestle!! You are my role model when it comes to this demanding sport. Now the thing is that I am a sophomore in high school and I started wrestling this year in a prep school league. I go to the gym all the time and work hard but do I have enough time to get good? I want to master the double leg technique because it is so threatening. HAHA

  4. Thanks Jordan this was very good info. My 13 yr. old grandson is wrestling in his middle school. I find it very exciting, but did not understand the rules. Just subscribed to Team Usa. And certainly will keep watching your videos to learn more.


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