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Hey all, welcome to your very first React tutorial for beginners! In this series I’ll show you why React is such and awesome framework for creating front-end web applications, as well as how to set it up with Webpack and create a to-do list from scratch!

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  1. You are the best teacher ever, I'm downloading your videos and watch from my hard disk, never delete them :)..
    Your tutorials are treasure, I hope you all the best in your life my respectful teacher 🙂

  2. No one explains JavaScript better than you. I'm really loving your tutorials. I've tried another React Tutorial Course from Udemy…But yours is better I must say.

  3. HI Net Ninja. I like your video series and very happy that you are making the React series.

    But I want to ask something. Isn't React ja JS library for building user interfaces instead of a framework ?

  4. Mr. Net Ninja, thank you for all your tutorials… If I can just make a request, if you have the time, can you make a tutorial about ArangoDB? Much appreciated, peace!

  5. Hey Master ninja,
    I have watched all HTML, CSS, Bootstrap series.
    what should I learn to build a login page with a db for managing users ?
    many thanks

  6. Hi. Net Ninja. This is my first youtube comment ever! and I'm dedicating it to you. You made me understand node.js and angular2. I love your tutorials and you are doing such a good job.
    Can you do some tutorials on Meteor.js?

  7. Hi Man! Do you have any plans of doing the following tutorials:

    – Redux using React
    – VueJS
    – vuex

    I really love your tutorials and I'd love to see these topics soon. More power to your channel!

  8. Your series is much better than a paid subscription somewhere. I learned so much of the how, what, where, and why. I want to say thank you for your time doing this. Can't wait for the next tutorials.

  9. I would love to take some accent lessons from you to use to my tutorials! 😛

    Found you through Twitter, really good channel 🙂

    Great job, keep it going 🙂

  10. Just searched for "react tutorial" and limited it to videos uploaded in the past 30 days. Looks like I found a good series just as it's about to start!

    How often do you release new videos? 🙂

  11. how is this even possible? you got just 1 view , but 38 likes and 16 comments!! mind blown!!
    btw , these are really best tutorial on youtube and most organised one!


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