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  1. Amazing tutorials! you know, to copy the same thing over and over again in Atom, just place the cursor at the end of a line and press cmd+shift+D (ctrl+shift+D on Windows I presume).

    P.S. React follows naming conventions strictly, I couldn't render for over an hour because my component name had a word without a capital first letter!!!

  2. I am so appreciate the video you made. I spent over a day to find the right way to set up the babel, how to convert from ES6 & react to ES5, but met lots of issues in different tools!! Until today I found your video, and watched Webpack and React, all of them are awesome!!! Yours sincerely!

  3. Would like to thank you from the very bottom of my heart. Looked at multiple blogs just to figure out how to setup the dev env and get my first app running.. as i've just got a project and the deadline is 31st Dec. But after going through all your tuts for webpack then react series, now i'm feeling comfortable. Thanks you very much

  4. Brother!!! I must say you're the best tutor available on youtube….I have watched so many videos on "React" but found yours the best one. Even i have downloaded all your videos in my local system….Hats off man…Keep up the good work….

  5. My bundle.js file is now 22000 lines of code! This can't be right?
    How the heck is 20 lines of React code turned into 22000 lines of transpiled code?
    My website can't even display stuff anymore after this video.
    My Atom editor crashes when I try to open the file.


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