Yo gang, in this React tutorial I’ll be showing you how we can nest components within other components. We can also use props to pass data down from the parent component to the child.

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  1. I have followed the tutorial , but mu output is not showing in the browser , it says render function returns invalid object.

  2. as for beginners, i think it's crucial to get into objects in js,cause after that react makes much more sense, cause before that it really looks like a mess, simply as any other framework, but great series though

  3. @The Net Ninja i know this is weird but I still get the nesting. can you make it a little simpler. Sorry a am a total newbie to programming.

  4. Hey Net, if you have the time/knowledge could you do a WP tutorial? From a blank file to a completely functional theme for something (a newspaper, or an eCommerce site or whatever)

  5. Hey Ninja. Could you help me with something? I'm having a hard time creating a drop-down menu that is populated VIA JSON files.
    My idea was to use a XML request to my server and then on my HTML page have a select id that then populates the drop down menu by iterating through like an Array but I can't get it to work. Could you direct me to some resources that will help me? Please note, I cannot use JQuery or any other module.


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