Real reason behind WWE’s new Mixed Match Challenge show, what will happen to 205 Live and more in this WrestleTalk News Dec. 2017…
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WWE announce Mixed Match Challenge for Facebook, with Raw and Smackdown rosters against each other, via –

Facebook paying for WWE Mixed Match Challenge, via Variety –

Alexa Bliss wants Braun Strowman for WWE Mixed Match Challenge, via Twitter –

Finn Balor wants Bayley for WWE Mixed Match Challenge, via Twitter –

Charlotte wants Bobby Roode for WWE Mixed Match Challenge, via Twitter –

WWE Mixed Match Challenge team discussion and Vince McMahon input backstage, via Pro Wrestling Sheet –

WWE Mixed Match Challenge pushed back 205 Live on WWE Network, via PWInsider –

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  1. The problem lies in the match rules….As Alicia Fox has already Beautifully demonstrated this year. Tag team matches are an art form in and of themselves, think Uso/NewDay feud, Hardy/Bar whose matches included some SUPERIOR TIMING, between the tag cage match and iron man tag team matches…..These are ALL BEST CASE SCENARIO as far as tag matches go. The problem with MIXED TEAMS however is that it KILLS a lot of the EXPLOSIVE DYNAMIC that can make tag team competition great, this is because of the FORCED TAG RULE, if the woman tags her partner in, the opponents partner is AUTOMATICALLY THE LEGAL PERSON WITHOUT A TAG NEEDED. There is no dramatic double teaming of one team member to make their tag YEILD ANY KIND OF EMOTIONAL REACTION. The platform for this IS pretty innovative forward thinking however. It will be interesting to see if the girls and guys can somehow DEVELOP a NEW breed of Tag Team with it's own perks, despite the stifling rules……Or if this will just be ANOTHER MISCALCULATION in CHOOSING THIS PARTICULAR BREED OF MATCH FOR SUCH A CREATIVE NETWORKING MOVE on the part of WWE.

  2. Not on the video topic but about the WWE. Back in October 2017 The Shield got back together as a team. A set back with Roman Reigns being sick. I got a feeling the WWE wants to keep them together longer than planned. The WWE fans like them and probably increasing ratings. Another huge reason WWE is selling a lot of The Shield t-shirts. The fist bump one, the one they wear on TV, sells for $27.99. More t-shirts sales is more money.

  3. Oli, I will purchase wrestle talk magazine if you and Luke sign and write me a personalized message on it. Just the first one. I'll still buy the next issues without the conditions proposed. Big fan from Houston Texas. Deal?

  4. I wish WWE should just close down and stop their network. No one likes to watch them anyway. WrestleTalk hates WWE anyway, hence this channel. And every subscriber here hates WWE. So Vince shut the WWE down now!!!!!!


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