Hey gang, welcome to your first responsive web design tutorial. In this introductory lesson, I’ll just go through a few things about what responsive web design is all about, as well as the things you’ll probably need to know before going through this playlist.


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========== CSS for Beginners Playlist ==========

========== HTML for Beginners Playlist ==========

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  1. One question I have is, is it possible to skip out on learning responsive web design because flexbox exists or would it still be good to know?

  2. Just watched this RWD series – excellent work! Really appreciated the prompt but not maniacal pacing, the way you broke up the content into small, digestible chunks, and the clarity of it all. Really well done. Much appreciated.

  3. Hii broo, may i know how many tools or application for you use? for coding maybe bracket and what is application in your browser automatic reload without you refresh after you create coding..

    Thanks for relpy

  4. Great tutorial. As a beginner I like interactive tutorials, so this kind of interaction is fine for me. Big plus for audio quality and diction. Lot tutorials have bad sound and tutors sounds like they mumbling. English is not my first language, not even second, but I understand your tutorials very well. Thanks a lot.


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