The King of Kings surprises the Intercontinental Champion and the WWE Universe in Abu Dhabi following their brutal battle and a sneak attack from The Bar & Samoa Joe.
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  1. Hunter Hearts Helmsley, now known as Triple H, seriously expects us to believe he is an inspiration, a great (not good) wrestler and a tough force to be reckoned with when he is actually none of that. He is a liar. He always lies. He can't be trusted. Once he is backed up in a corner he surrenders like a snowflake liberal coward. He is a backstaber as a human being, as a relative and as a friend all the time. I would love to see him get beat up by Kurt Angle, a great olympic U.S. gold medalist, or even in a better situation. Let's say how about a re-match against someone who's truly great like The Stinger, also known as Sting, to see if he can really express his talents and not having to use his wits again (and like he always does) and actually show everybody that he is a success when he is actually not. As the second or probably third main person who's trying to run the business, even though I know and not everyone because everybody has their heads under the sand that Vince Mcmahon truly is the only one who does a great job, that Triple H is actually a true pitiful coward who runs the business so he can "actually" show the audience and everyone around that he truly is an exceptional person who's doing a great job when he's really not.

  2. We all obviously no its fake…the reason everyones saying "it looks fake" is because they are use to the different TV angles where it shows the wrestlers not hitting eachother😂its been like this all along


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