The “gold-blooded” son of Kurt Angle takes on The Big Dog in an impromptu title bout.
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  1. Jj is a great wrestler,but this was a mistake. This daddy's boy gimmick is low key degrading to his skill and is slowly affecting his potential to be a star.
    Nobody is taking him seriously ,at this rate he is going to have to fall off a 15ft high steel cage to get over. I feel like cheering for him out of pitty cause he is being screwed with this Angle (no pun intended) just fast forward to where he turns heel or something cause this is cringe asf

    Who is writing this bullsh**??

  2. With pride and courage,power and beauty,a real tiger,truly,the glow of the eyes of a tiger in his eyes,praise you roman reigns😘💕🌹👏👌👍💪😍

  3. Roman reigns is fighting like a tiger,brave,arrogant,and unscrupulous until his last breath,he is admirable,and like a tiger is beautiful💪👍👌👏🌹💕


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