UK fans were again treated to a major surprise at WWE SmackDown Live, as a championship shockingly changed hands just 24 hours after an eventful WWE Raw!

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  1. The only downside to Styles vs Lesnar is that it will more than likely be a squash in Lesnar's favor. Unless one of the challengers for the Universal title does a run-in. Bar that scenario, I do not foresee Styles winning.

  2. may shinsuke recover from the scars that Jinder inflicted on him and making his finisher seem vastly protected!! I will never forgive WWE for getting The King of Strong Style to put over Jinder Mahahl!!

  3. Everyone is complaining that Smackdown was ruined by these videos, but WWE themselves sent out a notification with the WWE app that there was a “Title Change at Smackdown Live in the UK [SPOILERS]”. It’s rare there is a something no one saw coming in wrestling today with the online side of things so I personally don’t have a problem with this sort of video. I had heard this would happen a week ago. Just my opinion, no offence anybody. Keep up the good work guys!

  4. I was never to fond of Jack The Jobber at whatculture but after this little hiatus and the annoying cunts they've got running the show over there, I have to say I've found a new appreciation for this little child man thing in the bobble hats…. thank you for coming back

  5. im a big fan of chad gable and i hope whichever uso that was is okay, but my god if that is a real injury that was such a stupid spot…. if he is really hurt, i hope that gable does not pay for it

  6. The facebook post by cultaholic is what spoiled it gfor me. Rather than saying there's a title change, just upload the article as 'Full list or results from (insert date) episode of RAW/SD Live'. Then there's no spoilers – no one will get pissed off about it to you guys. I'm just happy that AJ's champ again and we don't have to deal with Jinder May-Hell anymore, but in any other case it would have pissed me off too.

  7. Thanks for spoiling the results. I really cant remember when was the last time I would have been that excited for a result. Even though you didnt write "AJ Styles won WWE Championship" it was so clearly damn obvious what it was. So yes, thank you! I dont even like Cultaholic nor am I subscribed to your channel, I was just watching a Steve and Larson podcast yesterday before SmackDown aired and this video was on the right side. So yes, Im really really glad you guys are gone from WC, always thought of you guys as the obnoxious, annoying and childish part of the YouTube Wrestling Community, so hope this channel goes down in the near future.


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