Stephanie McMahon shoots on WWE Raw revealed, women’s Royal Rumble 2018 plans and more in this WrestleTalk News Dec. 2017…
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Stephanie McMahon’s women’s Royal Rumble 2018 announcement a shoot on WWE Raw, via Pro Wrestling Sheet –

Stephanie McMahon announces the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match: Raw, Dec. 18, 2017, via WWE YouTube channel –

Trish Stratus teases Women’s Royal Rumble appearance, via Twitter –

WWE planning 20 women Royal Rumble, via Wrestling News World –

WWE planning 30 women Royal Rumble, via Dirty Sheets –

Dean Ambrose injury update, surgery, via –

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  1. I think the women's Royal Rumble will be great. The only thing I'm wondering though is, will it be over the top rope? cause I honestly can't remember the last time I saw a woman go over the top rope. Most of them are way too short. Middle rope Royal Rumble you think?

  2. So the women in the ring didn't know what was going on?
    So the fight stopping was "WTF is Stephanie coming out here for?" – nice way to lead to the near total obliteration of kayfabe.

    I was wrong previously – Steph isn't a crowd energy vampire.
    She's an energy vampire for the crowd, her employees, angles and story lines… all of which are sacrificed for her endless hunger

  3. What the fuck is with people and this goddamn stupid James Ellsworth bullshit? WWE's women's division and women's wrestling in general is finally something legit. The days of bikini models that can't wrestle having pillow fights and evening gown matches are dead and that's exactly where they should be; and stupid, shit like "Santina" Marella being "Miss" Wrestlemania is a thing of the past where it needs that it would be great to erase, but we can't so let's leave it where it is. Over and done with… Ellsworth for Women's Champion… Fucking horrible.

  4. It is amazing how 2/3 rds of the women standing in that ring with Steph's "look at me and what I did" announcement have NOTHING to do with this Evolution (not Revolution). Jax crying??? She is 300 lbs of nepotism. Lana?? she cannot wrestle her way out of a paper-bag and sadly makes Dana look like a "pro." In short, this is marketing and nothing else.


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