Sultans of Strength – A Documentary about the Desi Wrestling Culture, known as Kushti or Mud Wrestling.

We travelled into the heart of India to know more about the Warrior Monks known as Pahalwans – Indian Mud Wrestlers.

The world we found was very different from what is portrayed in the glitz and glamour of Bollywood movies such as Sultan & the upcoming Aamir Khan starrer, Dangal.

These wrestlers are a far cry from the glitzy WWE style of wrestling that most people are accustomed to. Even Khali The Great, started off by learning to wrestle in his village “akhada,” which is basically a mud wrestling pit

See the video to get a glimpse of the simple and almost ascetic life styles, that these Indian wrestlers lead, employing simple calisthenics, a vegetarian diet and natural body building techniques to train their minds and bodies for combat.

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  1. Like 20k years ago there were 2 type of people. people who only ate vegetables. And people who ate both, the vegeterians grew smaller and shorter while the one who ate both grew taller and more muscular

  2. Sad that so many children are interested in taking up sports but either they are too poor to afford the training and equipment or there are no facilities provided by the governments (local + national).

  3. Only some ignorant and uneducated people say that human body is meant for only vegetarian. No way, all essential amino acids come from non veg. Non veg is the source of vit b12 and protein. Please dont mislead people.

  4. For Indian people they can get by on vegetables as their ancestors did. But being white my ancestors came from places colder than those dickheads can imagine and meat at many times is all their is to eat, so they can all fuck off. My race evolved different if I don't get meat I go insane get weak and become anemic. I don't need some other races moral standards coming and corrupting my people. They have different DNA than me I hate their riotous trip. I eat meat and I'm the most moral character I know. Most white vegetarians I met are fucking scammers with blown up ego's you can't trust for shit. Life is war eating meat makes me stronger maybe not for them but you can tell another type of animal what is right. We are all humans but different types and not all the same type who evolved the same.

  5. some of them has great aesthetic physique which all the young city boys desire to have. to achieve that level of fitness and strength without any supplements and meat protein is insanely difficult and yet they proved it that it may be difficult but not impossible. this is the real deal. real motivation.

  6. In America a man sings a song about selling dope to his own people, treating women like a sex toy, and how he will kill anyone even rape a girl. Then he gets millions of dollars and buys expensive things he can not make with his own hands but says "look what I have done. I am like a god." I would rather attempt to make friends with flies and maggots.


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