Texas 2-5A High School Girls Wrestling District Champ



  1. I've always dreamed of being a wrestler like Bayley or Alexa bliss! I'm interviewing John Cena with my bff next week cause her mom is a blogger. I'm moving to Dallas Texas for a year and there are lots of wrestling Schools there so this could help me reach my dreams!

  2. Shania Villalba spoon fed some punishment with those take downs. Nice win. Is there something in the El Paso water that's making girl wrestling champions?,Geez,, one after another. i know Sabrina Albury from here in San Antonio, she is all Hardcore, a Driven BadAss'er! Strong as hell w/ champion work ethic. she went to finals in '15 – (6-5) El Paso / Brooks City Charter SA. Lucky for all boys wrestling … Girls are separate, cause when she wants to win … Watch Out!…dudes will be going home crying. 🙂


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