This video details the Chris Benoit murders of his wife and son and then his own suicide!



  1. If anyone's wondering, Chris Benoit is said to have used his trademark move, Crippler Hold on his son Daniel. Look guys, he strangled his wife and son. That sounds plausible due to the fact they're both strangulation deaths which would be committed out of anger. He also had signs of early Alzheimer's and dementia after examinations were done on his brain. Nancy was about to divorce her husband and file a restraining order due to violence at home but she had dropped it later on. This cost her and her son's life.

  2. I just can't believe that there is something that makes you want to kill people and that person that deciding to kill himself.I feel so so sorry for Chris Benoit.He was a great wrestler that I think could make and return to attack THAT EVIL KEVIN OWENS👺👺👺👺!!!!!!!!.True Wreckson fact.

  3. how can u kill ur wife, and little son? maybe ur going down with stress, but then kill urself, leave ur inorcent familt outta it! lost all my respect for him, even tho he was one hella of a good wrestler…

  4. I remember hearing someone saying that there were bottles of wine and cans of beer open on the floor and supposedly those pieces of evidence were never checked for DNA or fingerprints. Also, I heard that when they looked into his trash can outside his house, they found his personal journal in the trash.


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