The Dark Side Of WWE – Pro Wrestling Documentary Film World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) is an American publicly traded, privately controlled .

This Documentary showing the Truth behind WWE(World Wrestling Entertainment) Why Professional Wrestlers died under age of 50. **********Related .


Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling (Documentary) A CNN documentary about death and drugs in professional wrestling. Including discussions with Vince .



  1. John Cena is a flat out liar! He is on steroids or HGH. Human growth hormone is a steroid. And if he truly thinks he got his size from lifting and diet alone he is as blindly stupid as Hulk Hogan saying it was all the training, vitamins and prayers.

  2. i disagree with the anoymous employee who says fans expect wrestlers to look a certain way. Some of the most popular wrestlers like Jake The Snake, William Regal, Finlay, Mick Foley etc do not have bodybuilder physiques. Fans like the wrestlers who are the most entertaining and relatable. Period.

  3. all we wrestlers are on steroids. nobody can get that buff on their own. Brock Lesnar def on steroids. they all are on steroids. I love that guy who talks like he's chewing his face. I would love to know how many times Vince has cheated on his wife. and the dynamite kids wife is a sicko. she needs to be thrown into a nut house. she was Guna shoot her 2 infant babies because she was afraid of her husband…..pack ur bags and flee to another country with ur kids u sick bitch. don't kill the kids….wtf??? this bitch is sick. if I was her kids I would hate this woman guts. who could ever even think about shooting their kids???? this woman is sick!!!!!

  4. I think it's ridiculous that anyone thinks Chris Benway killed his family because of steroid abuse. I almost gaurantee that has nothing to do with the reasoning. It was almost 100 percent certain that he did that because of his brain damage. Because of CTE this has been proven to affect people by fucking up thier reasoning and there mood. Football players have been dealing with this for a long time. People with CTE have killed themselves and are depressed and basically nuts. it's really sad. It's also sad that it has taken this long to look into ways to prevent and minimize brain damage in sports.


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