Aleksandr Karelin was the “greatest wrestler of all time” and a huge favourite, but Rulon Gardner- a dairy farmer from Wyoming – was the surprise he could not have expected.

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  1. Extremely clear all the youtube warriors on here have never wrestled. Was it a bit of luck/ a mistake that lead to the country boy winning over the russian? Yes. Did the country boy still have to finish the match against a legend without letting him score a point is still a tall task that only someone with a large amount of skill and talent could do. All legends must end. We are human. Time takes it's toll on all. So for all the keyboard warriors who think the american won solely from being fat and laying on his stomach literally have no F'ing clue how wrestling works. Karelin knows more moves then picking people up and throwing them. He could have tried to take advantage of his opponent choosing to stay flattened out so Karelin could not throw him and used other wrestling moves to try and score points. Karelin is still known as a legend and the best ever. The american was never going to be as good as Karelin but had enough luck to face a Karelin who was slowing down with age and enough skill to be smart and finish out a 1-0 match. My central thesis of this comment? Shutup keyboard warriors who could never ever even inspire to be an Olympic wrestler much less even come close to beating me in a wrestling match. Any wrestler can tell you are talking out of your a$$. Just getting far enough to ever face the likes of Karelin is more then most of you will ever achieve.


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