The Evolution of KANE! – WWF/WWE (1995-2017)

Welcome back to the channel guys! You guys seemed to love my last Evolution video which was the Evolution of The Undertaker! I got amazing feedback for the first episode of the series which is why I have decided to bring it back with the Evolution of Kane. Kane aka Glen Jacobs has had a crazy evolution throughout the years. He was a dentist, a demon and a so much more! I’m sure you guys are going to love this video! Kane’s evolution is one that is truly cool to see. He had one of, if not the greatest transformation of all time. For my next evolution video, I was thinking of doing Chris Jericho? Do y’all wanna see that? LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! Enough talking guys, lets get straight to the video: The Evolution of KANE! – WWF/WWE (1995-2017) The Evolution of Kane! ENJOY! If you do Leave a LIKE, SUB and TAKE CARE SPIKE YOUR HAIR!

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What should my next evolution video be about? You guys seemed to love last episode! My next evolution will most likely be THE GOAT.. Chris Jericho?! Would you wanna see that?


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  1. Take a shot for every time I say 1995 LMAO. Do y'all wanna see The Evolution of CHRIS JERICHO?! GET THIS VIDEO TO 1500 LIKES?! 😀 Make sure to turn on NOTIFICATIONS b/c of YouTube's broken ass! STAY COOL PLLANPEEPS

  2. So he was the same until corporate Kane. That other shit doesn't count whether or not he was masked the only time he wasn't the devils favorite demon is when he was wearing a suit

  3. You forgot to mention how kane is now lame and lost most of his fame because he took off his old 2000 to 2006 mask and started to not win as close to as much matches as he used to also his new intro sucks and he just doesn’t look nearly as intimidating as he used to.. apart from the royal rumble when was the last time Kane came in and obliterated everyone in a ring!? And then walked out again casually.. then Came back another 3 times once again smashing everyone in his path!? When’s the last time that happened!? Oh.. back when he was a badass


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